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Are you decorating a Seashell Wedding, Beach Party - or any beach themed event? Colourful or subdued, a natural look is easy to achieve:

Just combine gorgeous seashells and starfish with glass, ceramic, linens & fabrics, sand, natural stone, water, driftwood, sand dollars, sea urchins, etc. See examples here:


Seashell Mixes

For message in a bottle invites, bowls, casual table scatters, floor & aisle deco, wedding bouquets, outdoor décor..

Combine white or very pale seashells with your table linen, glassware, candles, etc. for a natural look - effortlessly add different textures and shapes. 



Great in combination with seashell mixes, table scatters, centrepieces, individual table settings, take-home gifts, invitations, etc.

Any of the smaller sized starfish are absolutely wonderful for decoration – they’re versatile, look fun and festive and are perfect for Beach Themes and parties. Starfish can easily and very quickly be painted to match your colour theme (see FAQ page to find out how). 


Seashell Bouquets

We supply seashells & starfish to floral designers around Australia for Seashell Wedding Bouquets. Made entirely from seashells & starfish – or in combination with fresh or silk flowers, the resulting bouquets look stunning.

If you wish to recreate an existing design, just send us an image. We will can organise a Special Order for you, no problem..

See sample bouquets on our Pinterest Board for Weddings & Events




Placecard Shells & Gifts

Table Décor, place card holder & take-home gift: A single beautiful seashell, placed behind each table setting will casually provide a nice prop for each name card, as well as a unique gift / memento of your event for each guest. Perfect choices for this are the various Polished Seashells (they will beautifully reflect candle light), such as Polished Turbo MED, Polished Trochus Shell MED, etc..


Placecard Starfish & Gifts

Table Décor, Placecard Holder, Take-Home Gift: White Finger Starfish MED or LG are naturally elegant, with lovely delicate texture. Attach your guest’s name on a card with matching silk ribbon to place on each table setting: Centered (on the plate), at the side (on the napkin) or upright (against a glass)... Nice take-home gifts for each guest after the event! 


Bonbonnieres & Gifts

The traditional Wedding Gift: A Scallop Shell, filled with small gifts or candy (traditionally: Candied Almonds), wrapped in organza & tied with matching silk ribbon. Use our Decoshells Deep Dish Scallop or the lovely White Scallop Shells. Tip: Place individually tagged bonbonnieres at each table setting as a gift and place card!  


Seashell Centrepiece

Décor for tables, entrances, buffets and interior shelves. Select a single XL size feature shell or a group of 3 shells.

Feature Shells look great when displayed with other timeless, natural elements, such as glass, wood, bamboo, stone or similar and can be easily integrated with existing reception designs or event themes. 


Glass Display Centrepiece

Décor for tables, buffets and reception areas. Select a glass vase or bowl (sized to suit table size). Add some fine white sand and seashells. Add a candle. Or add water and fresh flowers. Lean a starfish against the glass.. and duplicate for each table. A nice idea for dry displays would be to add a nice selection of shells and ask each guest to choose one to take home as a gift.


XL Seashell

Select a single XL-sized seashell to decorate each of the main areas, i.e. entrance to reception, gift / buffet tables, etc. Perfect if coordinated with flower arrangements and great for creating your own, totally unique look. Just discuss options with your preferred florist for ideas!


XL Glass Display

Beautifully arranged floor-length glass displays look stunning and will effortlessly decorate entry foyers or reception areas. The interior may be hollow-filled to keep down weight and volume of shells required. Designed to be portable, large decorative arrangements can be easily moved between venues (i.e. ceremony to reception areas). Prominently displayed and visible across a room, tall elegant glass displays provide a thematic backdrop for even the largest of spaces. We can help you create and custom-design your display. Please email us for options!


Seashells At the Wedding - A Historical Note:

In Greek and Roman mythology, Seashells were often depicted alongside the god Poseidon / Neptune (wealth) and the goddess Aphrodite / Venus (love & happiness). Associated with both, seashells were used as good luck charms for many centuries, as well as wedding gifts in many parts of the world. To this day, the traditional Mediterranean wedding bonbonniere is a Scallop Shell, wrapped in silk and tied with a ribbon (typically filled with candied Almonds). Giving Seashell gifts or decorating a wedding celebration with Seashells is a beautiful, time-honoured way to invoke those divine aspects, along with blessings and good luck for the bride and groom!



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