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Genus Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Patelloida alticostata (Angus, 1865) Australia, WA 30-40mm, small but heavy sp., often eroded F+/F++ 2.00
Cellana analogia Iredale, 1940 Australia, NSW 15-20mm, endemic to Lord Howe Island F++/GEM 8.00
Scutellastra argenvillei Krauss, 1848 Africa, SA 55-65mm, oval finely granular sp, orange centre inside F++ 10.00
Patella barbara (Linnaeus, 1758) Africa, SA 50-80mm, very strongly ribbed white shells F+/F++ sold out
Patella caerula (Linnaeus, 1758) Europe, Greece 30-50mm, very variable, low domed sp. F+/F++ 3.00
Patella chapmani (Tenison Woods, 1876) Australia, WA 20-22mm, 8 broad ribs, often with brown highlights F++ 3.00
Patella cochlear (Born, 1778) Africa, SA 50-60mm, elongate, slightly ear shaped sp. blue-grey inside F+/F++ 8.00
Patella compressa (Linnaeus, 1758) Africa, SA 60-80mm, high-domed, narrow laterally compressed sp F++ 8.00
Cellana conciliata Iredale, 1940 Australia, QLD 25-30mm, obscure small low-domed species F++ 3.00
Cellana denticulata (Martyn, 1784) New Zealand 30-40mm, coarsely ribbed sculpture, dark interior F++ 4.00
Lottia digitalis (Rathke, 1833) USA, Alaska 18-25mm, forward facing tip, rare location F++ 6.00
Cellana exarata Gould, 1846 USA, Hawaii 35-40mm, fine but prominent radial ribs, black/grey exterior F++ 4.00
Cellana flava (Hutton, 1873) New Zealand 30-40mm, high-domed shells with orange interior F++ 4.00
Patella flexuosa Quoy & Gaimard, 1846 Australia, WA 40-50mm, ssp optima, Broome, 7-9 radial points, yellow centre F++ 4.00
Patella granatina (Linnaeus, 1758) Africa, SA 60-80mm, tall shells, grey/blue, dark brown internal central blotch F++  5.00
Patella granularis (Linnaeus, 1758) Africa, SA 50-60mm, internal dark brown central blotch and black margins F++ 4.00
Patelloida insignis (Menke, 1843) Australia, WA 15-25mm, variable markings, i.e. 'Maltese Cross' on dorsum F++  3.00
Patella laticostata (Blainville, 1825) Australia, S/W WA 70-85mm, high-domed, large, black tessellated margins F+/F++ 5.00
Patella laticostata (Blainville, 1825) Australia, S/W WA 85-100mm, high-domed, very large for species F+/F++ 8.00
Patella laticostata (Blainville, 1825) Australia, S/W WA over 100mm, high-domed giant shells, rare this size F+/F++ 15.00
Lottia limatula (Carpenter, 1864) Australia, S/W WA over 100mm, high-domed giant shells, rare this size F+/F++ 15.00
Patella longicosta (Lamarck, 1819) Africa, SA 60-70mm, dramatic star-shaped shells, internal black margins F++ 4.00
Patella oculus (Born, 1778) Africa, SA 70-90mm, large shells, internal wide black border F++ 5.00
Lottia onychitis (Menke, 1843) Australia, WA 10-12mm, very dark Pt Quobba species, blue/black interior F++ 2.00
Cellana ornata (Dillwyn, 1817) New Zealand 25-35mm, ovate, granulate sp. F++ 3.00
Scutellastra peronii (Blainville, 1825) Australia, NSW 30-35mm, ovate, very busy granulate species, white interior F++  3.00
Notoacmea persona (Rathke, 1833) USA, WA 35-45mm, from Washington State, ovate, high-domed species F++  3.00
Notoacmea petterdi (Tenison Woods, 1877) Australia, NSW 15-20mm, high domed sp, dark interior F++ 2.00
Cellana radians (Gmelin, 1791) New Zealand 30-40mm, North Is, 20-25 radial ribs, variable colours internally F++  3.00
Cellana radiata (Born, 1778) Australia, N/W WA 30-40mm, busy ribbed sp Exmouth sp., often with dark centre F+/F++ 3.00
Patelloida saccharina (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, N/W WA 25-30mm, low species, mostly white with dark centre F++ 3.00
Cellana solida (Blainville, 1825) Australia, TAS 40-50mm, heavily ribbed, high-domed shells F++ 3.00
Lottia subrugosa (d'Orbigny, 1841) Uruguay 15-20mm, small obscure sp, mottled internal pattern F++ 5.00
Cellana testudinaria (Linnaeus, 1758) Indonesia 65-80mm, large low-domed sp, brown markings on dorsum F+/F++ 3.00
Cellana tramoserica (Holten, 1802) Australia, VIC 40-50mm, high-domed, strongly ribbed and variable species F++  3.00
Patella vulgata (Linnaeus, 1758) Europe, France 40-50mm, prominently ribbed, high-domed variable sp. F++  3.00



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