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Family Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Bembicium auratum Quoy & Gaimard,1834 Western Australia 15-18mm, tall, conical, some spire wear, w/o F++   2.00
Nodilittorina australis Gray, 1826 Albany, Australia 15-18mm, typical, w/o F++/GEM   2.00
Nodilittorina australis Gray, 1826 Western Australia 12-15mm, f nodosa, large nodules on whorl, w/o F++/GEM   2.00
Littorina cincta Quoy & Gaimard,1833 New Zealand 12-15mm, finely banded F++   3.00
Littorinopsis cingulata Philippi, 1846 QLD, Australia 20-25mm, variable in shape and colour, w/o.  F++   2.00
Littorinopsis cingulata Philippi, 1846 Shark Bay, Australia 20-22mm, form pristissini, darker local form  F++   3.00
Tectarius coronatus  Valenciennes, 1832 Philippines 20-30mm, very colourful and nodulose F++   3.00
Echinus cumingii Philippi, 1947 Japan 14-16mm, orange/tan spiral chords of pustules F++/GEM   3.00
Littorinopsis filosa  Sowerby, 1832 N/W W Australia 20-24mm, very variable in colour  F++/GEM   2.00
Nodilittorina galapagiensis Stearns, 1892 Florida, USA 12-15mm, nicely nodulose, w/o F++/GEM   3.00
Littorinopsis irrorata Say, 1822 USA 20-25mm, very heavy sp.  F++   3.00
Littorina littorea Linnaeus, 1758 Channel Islands, UK 15-20mm, variable colours and shape  F++   2.00
Bembicium melanostoma Gmelin, 1791 Western Australia 20-24mm, tall and similar to B. auratum  F++   2.00
Nodilittorina millegrana Philippi, 1848 QLD, Australia 6-10mm, small inflated sp.  F++/GEM   2.00
Echinolittorina muricatus  Linnaeus, 1758 Florida, USA 12-15mm, nicely nodulose, w/o F++/GEM   3.00
Bembicium nanum Lamarck, 1822 Western Australia 15-20mm, variable colours, w/o F+/F++   2.00
Littorina neritoides Linnaeus, 1758 East Atlantic 4-5mm, small inflated sp.  F+/F++   3.00
Tectarius nodulosus Pfeiffer, 1839 USA 15-20mm, very nodulose  F++   3.00
Littorina obtusata Linnaeus, 1758 UK 12-15mm, typical brown colours  F++   2.00
Littorina obtusata Linnaeus, 1758 UK 12-15mm, form yellow/orange, super colours F++   3.00
Tectarius pagodus Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia 30-40mm, spectacular sp, w/o  F++/GEM   5.00
Littorinopsis pallescens Philippi, 1846 N/W W Australia 10-12mm, rock-dwelling tropical sp., w/o F++   2.00
Littorina planaxis Philippi, 1847 California, USA  12-15mm, inflated with white spots  F++   3.00
Littoraria pallescens Philippi, 1846 N/W W Australia 10-12mm, rock-dwelling tropical sp., w/o F++   2.00
Echinolittorina peruviana Lamarck, 1822 Chile 10-13mm, typical brown, white zig-zag flashes F++ 4.00
Nodilittorina punctata  Gmelin, 1791 Senegal 8-10mm, variable sculpture  F++   2.00
Nodilittorina pyramidalis  Quoy & Gaimard,1833 Lord Howe Island 12-15mm, heavily nodulose, rare location, w/o F++   3.00
Tectarius rusticus  Philippi, 1846 N/W W Australia 30-40mm, nicely sculptured, w/o  F++   4.00
Littorina scabra Linnaeus, 1758 Indopacific 25-30mm, tree living species, w/o  F++/GEM   3.00
Littorina scabra Linnaeus, 1758 Western Australia 25-30mm, tree living species, w/o  F++/GEM   3.00
Littorina scutulata Gould, 1849 California, USA 10-12mm, typical for sp.  F++   3.00
Littorina sitkana Philippi, 1846 Alaska 10-12mm, inflated grey / brown species, w/o F++   5.00
Palustorina sulculosa Philippi, 1846   Western Australia 12-14mm, nicely ribbed species  F++/GEM   3.00
Tectarius tectumpersicum Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia 20-25mm, very striking nodulose sp.  F++/GEM   4.00
Nodilittorina tuberculata  Menke, 1828 Florida, USA 8-10mm, pretty nodulose sp.  F++/GEM   2.00
Littoraria undulata Gray, 1839 Indonesia 15-20mm, grey with pretty banding, w/o F++   3.00
Austrolittorina unifasciata Gray, 1826 Western Australia 15-18mm, pale blue banded, w/o F++/GEM   2.00
Austrolittorina unifasciata Gray, 1826 New Zealand 5-6mm, form antipodum, small blue sp.  F++/GEM   2.00
Littoraria vespacea Reid, 1986 Malaysia 10mm, rare local species, very pretty  F++   6.00
Echinolittorina ziczac Gmelin, 1791 Florida, USA 8-10mm, pretty banded sp.  F++   2.00



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