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References: "Australian Landsnails" (Vol 1 & 2) by Stanisic et al (2010-2018); "Compendium of Landshells" by Abbott (1989); "Tropical Landshells Of The World" by Parkinson, Hemmen & Groh (1987)
Genus Species Author Locality Description Grading  Price 
Plectopylis achatina Gray, 1834  Thailand  16-20mm, flat - tightly coiled sinistral sp, intricate aperture  F++/GEM            6.00
Papuina acmella Pfeiffer, 1860  Solomon Islands  30-35mm, very pale olive shells  F++/GEM            3.00
Cyclophorus acutimarginatus (Sowerby, 1842) Philippines 25-30mm, very depressed, high spire tip, large aperture F++/GEM            3.00
Pleuroxia adcockiana Bednall,1894   Australia, NT  12-14mm, nicely banded  F++  6.00
Papuina adonis Angas, 1869  Papua N. Guinea 22-25mm, pale yellow with cream spiral bands  F++            8.00
Papuina admiralitatis Rensch, 1931  Papua N .Guinea  20-25mm, with typical zig-zag banding  F++            5.00
Geophorus agglutinans (Bartsch, 1918) Philippines 12-14mm, f. negrosensis, flat yellow sp, dark spiral line F++/GEM            2.00
Cerion agrestina Maynard, 1894 Bahamas 20-24mm, nice bullet-shaped sp, mottled brown patterns F++/GEM            4.00
Cepolis alauda Férussac, 1821  Cuba  20-22mm, low spired, inflated species with bands  F++          10.00
Calocochlia albaiensis Sowerby, 1841  Philippines  40-42mm, f semperi, large heavy white sp, brown bands  F++/GEM            8.00
Pedinogyra allani Iredale, 1937 Australia, QLD 60-70mm, discoidal sp, flat spire, wide umbilicus, thick lip F++/GEM          35.00
Iberus alonensis Férussac, 1801  Europe, Spain  35-40mm, low spired but inflated body whorl  F++            6.00
Anguispira alternata (Say, 1817)  USA 15-20mm, low spired circular shells, speckled patterns F++            2.00
Robdotus alternatus (Say, 1830) Mexico 25-30mm, tall spired cream sp, variable shapes F++           3.00
Albinaria amalthea (Westerlund, 1878) Europe, Greece 18-20mm, very elongate, sinistral sp, toothed aperture F++/GEM            3.00
Papuina ambrosia Férussac, 1851  Solomon Islands 20-22mm, tall spired sp, brown & white spiral bands F++/GEM            6.00
Westraltrachia ampla Solem, 1984 Australia, WA 15-18mm, pale fawn, single white band on body whorl F++/GEM            4.00
Themapupa anapacifica Iredale, 1939  Australia, WA  3-4mm, rare species, obscure Genus  F++/GEM            3.00
Setobaudinia anatispretia Solem, 1985 Australia, NT 7-8mm, small brown flat coiled species F++/GEM          10.00
Tropidophora anceps Von Martens, 1878 Africa, Tanzania 27-28mm, pale shells with wide single band  F++/GEM            8.00
Helicostyla annulata Sowerby, 1841  Philippines  24-28mm, predominantly yellow, some banded, variable  F++/GEM            3.00
Figuladra appendiculata Reeve, 1854  Australia, QLD  30-35mm, nicely banded sp F++/GEM            5.00
Cyclophorus appendiculatus Pfeiffer, 1886  Philippines  30-35mm, low flat heavy species with thickened lip  F++/GEM            3.00
Phoenicobius aratus Sowerby, 1841  Philippines  44mm, tall spired sp, finely furrowed, some banded  GEM           3.00
Arianta arbustorum (Linnaeus, 1758)  Switzerland  20-22mm, brown banded species with white flecks  F++/GEM            3.00
Helminthoglypta arrosa Gould, 1855  USA, California  30-35mm, large inflated species  F++/GEM          12.00
Sphaerospira arthuriana (Cox, 1873) Australia, QLD 35-40mm, dark brown, low spired sp with brown lip F++/GEM            8.00
Tropidophora articulata Gray, 1834  Rodriguez Isl 30-35mm, white, very ribbed, possibly extinct, dead but good  dead          10.00
Thelidomus asper Férussac, 1821  Caribbean, Jamaica  40-45mm, heavy white sp, orange columella, toothed lip  F++/GEM          15.00
Chrysallis aspera Grateloup, 1839  Philippines  60-65mm, spectacular sp, flanged aperture, white / brown lip F++/GEM            3.00
Pygmipanda atomata (Gray, 1934) Australia, NSW 45-55mm, tall spired thin sp, vertical dots & dashes - rare F++/GEM         65.00
Corona atramentaria (Pfeiffer, 1855) Colombia 55-60mm, large tall sp, busy pattern, black aperture stain F++/GEM          15.00
Ampelita atropos Férussac, 1851  Africa, Madagascar  40-45mm, very low dark brown shells with grey aperture  F++/GEM            6.00
Naninia cf aulica (Pfeiffer, 1851)   Philippines 15-18mm, shiny ovate sp, single brown peripheral band F++/GEM            3.00
Cochlorina aurisleporis Bruguière, 1792   Brazil  32-35mm, interesting, extended apertures, 2 colour forms  F++/GEM          12.00
Cochlorina aurismuris (Moricand, 1839) Brazil  28-30mm, pale, tall spired sp with extended aperture F++/GEM          15.00
Austrosuccinea australis Férussac, 1821   Australia, WA  10-12mm, orange and fragile species F++            2.00
Steorra bala (Brazier. 1878) Australia, QLD 35-40mm, Magnetic Isl., red/brown sp, pale brown lip F++/GEM            8.00
Bothriembryon balteolus Iredale, 1939  Australia, WA  18-20mm, dead but very nice with mottled brown dorsum  F++            6.00
Cochliccella barbara (Linnaeus, 1758)  Israel  7-10mm, typical for species  F+/F++            2.00
Figuladra barneyi Stanisic, 2010 Australia, QLD  40-50mm, dark aperture, very rare F++/GEM  10.00
Ampelita basizona (Mousson, 1882) Africa, Madagascar  30-35mm, dark brown, low spire, sharp keel, deep umbilicus F++/GEM          10.00
Satsuma batanica Adams & Reeve, 1848  Philippines  15-18mm, unusual sinistral sp, white with brown bands  F++            8.00
Figuladra cf bayensis (Brazier, 1876) Australia, QLD  32-35mm, strongly banded brown lip, very localised sp F++/GEM  10.00
Syndromus beccarii (Tapparone-C., 1885)  Indonesia  40-45mm, white/cream, sinistral species, broad lip F++/GEM          18.00
Sinumelon bednalli (Ponsonby, 1904) Australia, NT 20-24mm, very inflated tan species with recurved lip F++/GEM  8.00
Gnarosophia bellendenkerensis Brazier, 1875  Australia, QLD  50-55mm, rare species  F++/GEM          20.00
Helicophanta bicingulata Smith, 1882   Africa, Madagascar  45-50mm, dark brown low spired, very inflated body whorl  F++/GEM            6.00
Labyrinthus bifurcatus (Deshayes, 1838) Brazil 32-35mm, rare sp, typical prominent white bifurcated lip F++/GEM          10.00
Obba bigonia Férussac, 1828  Philippines  25mm, flat with spiral banding  F++/GEM            4.00
Auris bilabiata Broderip & Sowerby, 1829  Brazil  40-45mm, heavy sculpture and thick aperture  F++/GEM    sold out 
Hadra bipartitus Férussac, 1822  Australia, QLD  50-55mm, large, spectacular, enzootic species  F++/GEM            4.00
Balea biplicata Montagu, 1803  Europe, Belgium  15-18mm, tall shells with distorted aperture  F++/GEM            3.00
Placostylus bivaricosus Gaskoin, 1855  Australia, L Howe Is 60mm, endemic to LHI, only from this tiny Island  F++          15.00
Calvigenia blackmani Cox, 1868  Australia, QLD  20-22mm, thin and inflated  F++            5.00
Hemiglypta blainvilleana Lea, 1840  Philippines  35-40mm, low spired brown sp with darker base F++            6.00
Sphaerospira blomfieldi Cox, 1864  Australia, QLD  35-40mm, dark red brown, tall shell  F++            5.00
Orthalicus boucardi Von Martens, 1891  Mexico  40-50mm, large zig zag vertical stripes  F++/GEM            8.00
Placostylus bovinus (Bruguière, 1789) New Caledonia 70-80mm, tall heavy sp, orange-red aperture F++/GEM          15.00
Dyakia braammorrisi Sarasin & Sarasin, 1899   Indonesia  45-50mm, low spired brown sinistral sp, distinct keel  F++          12.00
Aperostoma brujense Torre & Bartsch, 1942  Panama  30-35mm, low flat sp, dark band around body whorl, w/o  F++/GEM            8.00
Forcartia buehleri (Rensch, 1933) Papua New Guinea 30-35mm, shiny brown sp, variable vertical zigzag lines F++/GEM            6.00
Bothriembryon bulla Menke, 1843  Australia, WA  22-25mm, inflated pale straw coloured shells  F++/GEM            5.00
Amplirhagada burnerensis Smith, 1894  Australia, WA  15-18mm, inflated cream species, apricot aperture tint F++/GEM            4.00
Amplirhagada burnerensis Smith, 1894  Australia, WA  18-20mm, inflated cream species, apricot aperture tint F++/GEM            6.00
Neobeliscus calcarius Born, 1778  Brazil  90-100mm, tall spired shell  F+/F++          35.00
Placostylus caledonicus Small, 1845  New Caledonia  65-70mm, heavy, elongate sp, orange / red aperture, w/perio  F++/GEM          10.00
Ampelita calypso Pfeiffer, 1861   Africa, Madagascar  40-45mm, low flat dark brown shells with grey/blue aperture  F++/GEM            6.00
Helicostyla camelopardalis (Broderip, 1841) Philippines 35-45mm, tall, thin sp, fine vertical lines, dark aperture F++/GEM            8.00
Camaena campanula Pfeiffer, 1890  Philippines  20-25mm, very inflated chocolate brown shells  F++/GEM            4.00
Bulgarica cana (Held, 1836) Europe, Poland 15-18mm, brown sinistral sp with toothed aperture F++/GEM            3.00
Chrysallis caniceps Bartsch, 1932  Philippines  50-60mm, tall dark brown with pale vertical lines  F++/GEM            4.00
Tropidophora carnicolor Fulton, 1902  Africa, Madagascar  22-25mm, white with multiple bands of brown  F++/GEM            4.00
Rhagada capensis Solem, 1997  Australia, WA  18-20mm, very inflated white species  F++            5.00
Trachycystis capensis (Pfeiffer, 1841) Africa, SA 15-18mm, tall spired pale sp, dark central band, spiral lines, w/o F++/GEM            5.00
Pleurodonta caracolla (Linnaeus, 1758)  Puerto Rico  45mm, low and flat spired brown species F++            6.00
Polygyra cereolus Muehlfeld, 1818  USA, Florida 8-9mm, very flat species with distorted aperture  F++            4.00
Cyclophorus ceylonicus Pfeiffer, 1846  Sri Lanka  25-30mm, typical pattern  F++/GEM            4.00
Papuina chancei (Cox, 1870) Papua New Guinea 35-38mm, tall sp, several colour forms, incl dark banded F++/GEM          10.00
Papuina chapmani (Cox, 1870) Solomon Islands 30-35mm, broad white sp, red / black stripe around aperture F++/GEM          10.00
Limicolaria charbonnieri Bourguignat, 1889  Africa, Rwanda 35-40mm, tall species with large brown blotches  F++/GEM          12.00
Strophocheilus chilensis Sowerby, 1833  Chile 18-20mm, desert dwelling species  F++          10.00
Labyrinthus chiriquensis Pilsbry, 1910  Panama  26-30mm, very flat sp, distorted aperture, brown banded  F++/GEM          15.00
Eutrochatella chittyana (Pfeiffer, 1858) Jamaica 8-10mm, spectacular yellow sp, white & pink specks, w/o F++/GEM          15.00
Amphidromus chloris Reeve, 1848  Philippines  40-42mm, bright yellow, sinistral  F++/GEM            4.00
Calocochlia chrysocochila (Sowerby, 1841)  Philippines  45-55mm, lovely lemon yellow sp, thick peach coloured lip  F++/GEM          10.00
Auris chrysostoma Moricand, 1836  Brazil  50-60mm, large mottled sp, black and yellow aperture  F++/GEM          15.00
Rhiostoma chupingense Tomlin, 1938  Malaysia  25mm, spectacular loosely coiled species F++/GEM            5.00
Camaena cicatricosa (Mueller, 1774) China 40-42mm, pale tan sinistral sp, slightly keeled, rare F++/GEM          20.00
Helix ciliciana Kobelt, 1904  Europe, Austria  22-25mm, very busy sculpture on low spired shells  F++            5.00
Helicostyla cincinniformis (Sowerby, 1841) Philippines 35-45mm, tall white sp with dark brown spiral bands F++/GEM           4.00
Chilostoma cingulata Studer, 1820  Europe, Austria  20-25mm, low spired species with single dark band  F++            3.00
Naninia citrina (Linnaeus, 1758)  Solomon Islands  30-35mm, spectacular yellow shells with brown band  F++/GEM            5.00
Tomigerus clausus Spix, 1827  Brazil  15-16mm, flat sp, cream / brown lines reverse onto themselves F++/GEM          12.00
Dendrotrochus cleryi Recluz, 1851  Papua N. Guinea  12-15mm, variable species including white & brown form  F++/GEM            5.00
Elaphroconcha cochlostoides Schepman, 1892  Indonesia  25-30mm, form viridis, yellow green shells  F++/GEM            5.00
Albinaria coerulea Rossmassler, 1835  Europe, Greece  15-16mm, very elongate shells with distorted aperture  F++/GEM            3.00
Asperitas colorata Haltenorth & J.,1940  Indonesia  30-35mm, f komodoensis, nice yellow/cream sp, black lined  F++/GEM          10.00
Amplirhagada combeana Iredale, 1938 Australia, WA 15-18mm, cream with brown band  dead            4.00
Victaphanta compacta Cox & Hedley, 1912  Australia, VIC 20-25mm, black, glossy and rare endemic shell  F++          25.00
Helicostyla concinna Sowerby, 1841  Philippines  40-45mm, form virens, white with darker band  F++            6.00
Helicostyla concinna Sowerby, 1841  Philippines  40-45mm, form freckled, brown/  tan with dark spots  F++            8.00
Partulina confusa Sykes, 1900  USA, Hawaii  20-22mm, tall pale tan and delicate sinistral with single stripe  F++/GEM          20.00
Tropidophora consocia (Pfeiffer, 1848) Africa, Madagascar 18-20mm, small & tan, wide peripheral band, fine spiral chords F++/GEM            4.00
Leptopoma coronensis Quadras & Moellendorff, 1895 Philippines 20-22mm, low, wide sp, vertical brown bands on tan sp  F++/GEM            5.00
Ampelita consanguinea (Ferussac, 1851) Africa, Madagascar 25-28mm, low spire, dark band on periphery & aperture F++           4.00
Albinaria contaminata (Boettger, 1878) Europe, Greece 10-12mm, f incommoda, grey, brown flecks, distorted aperture F++/GEM            3.00
Amphidromus contrarius Mueller, 1774  Indonesia 30-35mm, spectacular tall elegant species (sinistral)  F++/GEM            5.00
Rhagada convicta Cox, 1870  Australia, WA  20-22mm, smooth inflated species  F++/GEM            4.00
Albinaria corrugata (Bruguiere, 1792) Europe, Greece 15-20mm, tall, slender grey sp, intricate sculpture on whorl F++/GEM            4.00
Bulimulus corumbaensis (Pilsbry, 1857) Brazil 20-22mm, tall white/grey sp, axial sculpture on teleoconch whorl F++            4.00
Bothriembryon costulatus Lamarck, 1822  Australia, WA 15-18mm, vertical tan lines on pale sp, small and inflated  F++/GEM            4.00
Bentosites coxi Crosse, 1873  Australia, QLD  35-40mm, multiple spiral bands  F++/GEM            8.00
Chondropoma crenulatum (Potiez & Michaud, 1836) Guadeloupe 10-12mm, tall & tapered, no protoconch, busy axial sculpture F++           4.00
Albinaria cretensis (Rossmaessler, 1836) Europe, Greece 15-18mm, tall, slender grey sp, sinistral, distorted aperture F++/GEM            3.00
Hainesia crocea Sowerby, 1847  Africa, Madagascar  25-28mm, orange and chocolate brown  F++/GEM            4.00
Calocochlia cryptica Broderip, 1841  Philippines  50-60mm, large smooth inflated species  F++/GEM            6.00
Tropidophora cuvieriana Petit, 1841  Africa, Madagascar   50-55mm, dramatic shape  F++          10.00
Helicostyla dactylus Broderip, 1841  Philippines  40-45mm, tall shells with orange / tan perio  F++            4.00
Theobaldius dautzenbergi Fulton, 1907  Indonesia  12-14mm, loosely coiled, with brown stripes  F++/GEM            6.00
Cyclophorus daranganicus Hidalgo, 1888  Philippines  30-35mm, mottled brown & tan shells, thickened lip  F++/GEM            5.00
Bulimulus dealbatus Say, 1821  USA, Texas  22-25mm, inflated cream / tan species  F++            3.00
Planispera deaniana Ford, 1890  Papua N. Guinea 20-22mm, low spired, white shell, brown band, pink lip  F++/GEM          15.00
Ampelita denisi Dautzenberg, 1928  Africa, Madagascar  35-40mm, pale tan/peach, dark band, low/flat, inflated whorl  F++/GEM            8.00
Cyclotus discoideus Sowerby, 1842  Sumatra  20-22mm, low spired loosely coiled sp with operc  F++            6.00
Bothriembryon distinctus Iredale, 1939  Australia, WA  25-30mm, desert dwelling species, fresh live sp  F++/GEM           4.00
Calocochlia dubiosa Pfeiffer, 1845  Philippines  25-30mm, dramatic brown shells, dark spiral bands  F++/GEM             5.00
Caryodes dufresnii Leach, 1815  Australia, TAS 30-35mm, very rare endemic seldom offered  F++          12.00
Caryodes dufresnii Leach, 1815  Australia, TAS 25-28mm, dryforest form, elongate & banded F++/GEM 10.00
Sinumelon dulcensis Solem, 1993 Australia, NT 20-23mm, smooth tan inflated species F++/GEM 6.00
Xanthomelon durvilii Hombron & J., 1841  Australia, NT 25-28mm, inflated white shells with perio intact  F++/GEM   6.00
Ampelita duvallii Petit, 1844  Africa, Madagascar  35-40mm, large, low spired with 2 brown bands  F++/GEM           10.00
Bothriembryon dux Pfeiffer, 1861  Australia, WA  45-50mm, largest of genus - super pink/purple aperture  F++/GEM             8.00
Bothriembryon dux Pfeiffer, 1861  Australia, WA  45-50mm, very rare population, white aperture  F++/GEM             8.00
Blaesospira echinus Pfeiffer, 1864  Cuba  5-7mm, spine-covered sp., spire always incomplete, great, w/o  F++           15.00
Papuina eddystonensis Reeve, 1854  Solomon Islands  22-24mm, low banded species  F++/GEM            6.00
Pedinogyra effossa Iredale, 1937  Australia, QLD  50-60mm, rare member of this Genus  F++/GEM          25.00
Helicostyla effusa Pfeiffer, 1842  Philippines  30-38mm, smooth inflated sp, pale cream, yellow or orange  F++/GEM            5.00
Auris egregia Jay, 1836  Brazil  35-38mm, predominately pink with white / yellow aperture  F++/GEM          10.00
Bothriembryon esperantia Iredale, 1939  Australia, WA 20-24mm, colourful mottled brown shells, tan aperture  F++/GEM            6.00
Steorra esterlillyae Stanisic, 2010 Australia, QLD  48-50mm, very large banded sp, brown lip & umbilicus F++/GEM  25.00
Bentosites etheridgei Brazier, 1877  Australia, QLD  35mm, with spiral bands  F++/GEM          10.00
Atopocochlis exarata Mueller, 1774  Africa 50-55mm, tall delicate species, pale cream aperture  F++/GEM          12.00
Cerion eximium Maynard, 1894  Bahamas  24-26mm, finely sculptured, brown on green  F++/GEM            4.00
Clavator eximius Shuttleworth, 1852  Africa, Madagascar  100-110mm, tall brown species with perio intact  F++          15.00
Cyclophorus eximus Mousson, 1848  Sumatra  60-65mm, very large and spectacular species   F++/GEM          15.00
Sinumelon expositum Iredale, 1937 Australia, NT 22-24mm, very inflated tan/brown species F++/GEM 8.00
Chondropometes exquisitum Toore & Bartsch, 1938 Cuba  19mm, tan / brown delicate species  F+/F++          25.00
Hedleyella falconeri Gray, 1834  Australia, QLD  60-70mm, large dark and super  F++/GEM           30.00
Hedleyella falconeri Gray, 1834  Australia, QLD  60-70mm, typically thin shells  F+/F++           20.00
Drymaeus farrisi (Pfeiffer, 1858) Peru  35-40mm, very elongate thin shells, variable colours  F++          12.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774   Cuba  35-45mm, form aurantius, white, pale yellow banding  F++           15.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774   USA, Florida  40-50mm, f fasciatus, very variable, many colour variations  F++             4.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774   USA, Florida  35-40mm, form castaneozonatus, darkly banded  F++            4.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774   USA, Florida  40-50mm, form elliotensis, pale green bands on yellow  F++           15.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774   USA, Florida  40-50mm, form floridianus, finely banded, mottled pattern  F++           10.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774  USA, Florida  40-50mm, form livingstoni, fine green band on yellow   F++            12.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774  USA, Florida  40-50mm, form marmoratus, colourful brown/tan/yellow bands    F++           10.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774  Cuba  45-50mm, form macgintyi, tan & yellow  F/F+            5.00
Liguus fasciatus Mueller, 1774  Various  35-45mm, set of 10 colour forms in range of the varieties F+          40.00
Chloritis fausta Gude, 1906  Papua N. Guinea 25-30mm, large brown inflated shells  F++/GEM            6.00
Leucotaenius favannii Lamarck, 1822  Africa, Madagascar  50-55mm, large pale inflated species with blotches of tan  F++/GEM            5.00
Placostylus fibratus Martyn, 1789  New Caledonia  90-100mm, very heavy, orange aperture, dark brown perio  F++/GEM          15.00
Chloraea fibula Reeve, 1842  Philippines  22-25mm, low spired shells, brown spiral band  F++/GEM            5.00
Adenia fidelis Gray, 1834   USA, California  35-40mm, low spired brown / tan sp, with dark bands  F++          10.00
Tropidophora filostriata Sowerby, 1873  Africa, Madagascar  20-22mm, banded with dark and light bands  F++/GEM            4.00
Tropidophora fimbriata Lamarck, 1822   Mauritius  10-12mm, pale orange, variable pattern of brown bands  F++/GEM            3.00
Marilynessa findera (Iredale, 1937) Australia, QLD 35-40mm, lower shape than M. yulei, excavated umbilicus F++/GEM          10.00
Helicostyla fischeri Hildalgo, 1889  Philippines  40-45mm, tall shiny pink lavender shells  F++/GEM            8.00
Helicostyla fischeri Hildalgo, 1889  Philippines  40-45mm, tall pale shells with speckled pattern  F++/GEM            5.00
Ceratopoma fischeriana Montrouzier, 1863  Papua N. Guinea  13-15mm, low sp, variable yellow, orange & pink patterns F++/GEM            5.00
Mesodontrachia fitzroyana Solem, 1985 Australia, NT  18-20mm, pale, fawn, squat shells  F++/GEM  6.00
Solmogada flexilabris Pfeiffer, 1856  Solomon Islands  18-20mm, tall thin species with spiral brown band  F++/GEM            5.00
Amphidromus floresianus Fulton, 1897  Indonesia  30mm, sinistral and banded, very variable colours  F++/GEM            4.00
Helicostyla florida Sowerby, 1841 Philippines  35-40mm, basically green with variant patterns  F++/GEM            4.00
Sphaerospira fraseri Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833  Australia, NSW  45-48mm, large, ovate  F++/GEM            12.00
Sphaerospira fraseri Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833  Australia, QLD  50-60mm, f parallela, large, globose - multiple parallel lines  F++/GEM          12.00
Bradybaena fruticum Mueller, 1774  Europe, France  18-20mm, smooth tan species  F++            2.00
Tropidauchenia fuchsi Gredler, 1884  China  24-28mm, tall, narrow, restricted whorl, flared toothed aperture  F++            8.00
Achatinella fulgens (Newcomb, 1853) USA, Hawaii  18-20mm, shiny tall brown/orange sinistral sp, white tip, rare F++/GEM         45.00
Achatina fulica Bowich, 1822  Africa, Madagascar  90-100mm, introduced from Africa, heavy and colourful  F++            3.00
Bothriembryon fuscus Thiele, 1930  Australia, WA  35-40mm, dark and large for Genus  F++/GEM          12.00
Papuina gamelia Angas, 1867  Solomon Islands  20-24mm, low white sp, two brown bands, orange outer lip  F++/GEM            5.00
Calocochlia garibaldiana Dohrn & Semper, 1862  Philippines  40-45mm, very depressed spire, file like sculpture  F++/GEM            8.00
Plectorhagada gascoynensis Smith, 1894 Australia, WA 12-14mm, depressed with intricate axial sculpture F++/GEM            4.00
Bentosites gavisa Iredale, 1933 Australia, QLD 32-35mm, broad dark bands on brown shell, dark aperture F++/GEM  12.00
Helicophanta geayi Fischer & Piette, 1950  Africa, Madagascar  40-45mm, low flat heavy species  F++/GEM            5.00
Occirhenea georgiana Quoy & Gaimard, 1832  Australia, WA 8-10mm, very localised species  F++            5.00
Meridolum gilberti  Pfeiffer, 1846  Australia, QLD  28-30mm, inflated tan sp, orange highlight around umbilicus  F++          10.00
Pleuropoma gladstonensis (Cox, 1864) Australia, QLD 5-7mm, small yellow-orange species F++/GEM  3.00
Forcatia globula Rensch, 1935 Papua N. Guinea  30-35mm, large inflated white with orange aperture  F++/GEM            5.00
Melostrachia glomerans Iredale,1938  Australia, QLD  15-18mm, very fine ribs  F++/GEM    sold out 
Guamampa gloriosa (Sarasin & Sarasin, 1899)  USA, Hawaii  14-16mm, yellow / orange sinistral species  F++            5.00
Helicophanta gloriosa Pfeiffer, 1858  Africa, Madagascar  40-50mm, pale tan flat light species  F++/GEM            8.00
Pleuropoma gouldiana Forbes, 1851  Australia, QLD  4-5mm, round with thickened aperture F++            3.00
Clavator grandidieri Crosse & Fischer, 1868  Africa, Madagascar  80-90mm, very tall pale shells with some perio  F++          10.00
Laminella gravida Férussac, 1824  USA, Hawaii  22-24mm, sinistral species, cream / white  F++          12.00
Praticolella griseola Pfeiffer, 1841  USA, Texas  10-12mm, small inflated species with spiral bands  F++/GEM            3.00
Bulimulus guadalupensis Bruguière, 1789  Antilles  18-20mm, very variable, with none to multiple bands  F++/GEM            2.00
Iberius gualterianus (Linnaeus, 1758)  Europe, Spain  35-40mm, spectacular flat shells, file-like sculpture  F++            6.00
Truncatella guerinii  A. Valla & J. B.Valla, 1841  Australia, QLD  5-6mm, tapered species  F++            3.00
Helicophanta guesteriana Crosse, 1863  Africa, Madagascar  50-60mm, dark brown with inflated but flat body whorl  F++/GEM            8.00
Acavus haemastoma (Linnaeus, 1758)  Sri Lanka  40-50mm, f haemastoma, brown banded, purple aperture  F++/GEM            3.00
Acavus haemastoma (Linnaeus, 1758)  Sri Lanka  40-45mm, form melanotragus, spectacular, white base   F++/GEM            4.00
Acavus haemastoma (Linnaeus, 1758)  Sri Lanka  40-45mm, form fastuosa, white with pink aperture  F++             4.00
Placostylus hargreavesi Cox, 1871  Solomon Islands  55-60mm, tall & elegant, pink spire, brown mottled pattern F++/GEM            6.00
Pedinogyra hayii Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833  Australia, QLD  50-60mm, very large and heavy  F++/GEM          12.00
Partula hebe Pfeiffer, 1846  Society Islands  16-18mm, variable colours incl. white, cream & mauve  F++/GEM            8.00
Amphidromus heerianus Jutting, 1941  West Java  45-50mm, form poecillus, pale banded tan/brown, sinistral  F++            4.00
Amphidromus helicoides (Grateloup, 1846) Philippines 15-18mm, sharply keeled sp, mottled brown on cream F++/GEM 5.00
Bentosites hefferani Stanisic, 2010 Australia, QLD  32-35mm, subglobose sp with several dark spiral bands F++/GEM          10.00
Amphidromus heerianus Jutting, 1941  West Java  over 50mm, f poecillus, pale banded, tan/brown, sinistral F++          10.00
Papuina hermione Angas, 1869  Papua N. Guinea 20-25mm, tall shell with wide bands of brown & white  F++/GEM            8.00
Calocochlia hidalgoi Moellendorf, 1849  Philippines  35-38mm, inflated, thick lip, very variable colours & patterns  F++/GEM            5.00
Rhachistia histrio Pfeiffer, 1855  Africa, Madagascar  18-20mm, tall white species, orange spiral bands  F++            3.00
Ampelita Hova Angas,1877  Africa, Madagascar  35-40mm, dark brown with pale bands  F++/GEM            8.00
Cepaea hortensis Mueller, 1774  Sweden  15-18mm, very variable  F++/GEM            3.00
Tropidophora humberti Fischer-Piette, 1945  Africa, Madagascar  30-40mm, nicely sculptured low spired shells with flared lip  F++/GEM          12.00
Auris illheocola Moricand, 1836  Brazil  55-60mm, tall, spectacular, black on columellar callus F++/GEM          12.00
Cerion incanum Binney, 1851  USA, Florida  20-25mm, white shells  F+/F++            3.00
Figuladra incei curtisiana (Pfeiffer, 1844) Australia, QLD  30-35mm, dark red/brown sp with paler spire F++/GEM            8.00
Figuladra incei incei Pfeiffer, 1846  Australia, QLD  28-35mm, white, brown spiral banding, base often white F++/GEM            6.00
Figuladra incei lessoni Pfeiffer, 1846  Australia, QLD  30-35mm, red/brown sp, pale yellow on umbilicus, white lip F++/GEM            5.00
Bothriembryon indictus Iredale, 1939 Australia, SA  30-40mm, tall heavy cream Nullarbor Plain sp, dead but very good dead           6.00
Bothriembryon indutus Menke, 1843  Australia, WA  25-30mm, tall dark brown species  F++/GEM            8.00
Sphaerospira informis Mousson, 1869   Australia, QLD  45-55mm, very inflated tan / brown, pale fine bands  F++          10.00
Westraltrachia inopinata Solem, 1984 Australia, WA 14-15mm, depressed spire, pale tan F++/GEM           5.00
Physella integra Haldeman, 1841  Canada  8-10mm, sinistral, thin inflated species  F++            2.00
Cochlorina intensior Pilsbry, 1898 Brazil 25-35mm, mottled brown & white, extended anteriro lip F++/GEM  18.00
Allaegopis ionicus Kaufel, 1930  Herzegovina 25-26mm, large flat species with sharp keel  F++            8.00
Porphyrobaphe iostoma Sowerby, 1824  Ecuador  65-70mm, fawn shells with purple aperture  F++/GEM          15.00
Cochlorina involuta (v. Martens, 1867) Brazil 25-30mm, unusual twisted sp, distorted aperture F++/GEM  15.00
Cyclophorus involutus Mueller, 1774  Sri Lanka  40-44mm, single banded form  F++/GEM            6.00
Cyclophorus involutus Mueller, 1774  Sri Lanka  25-30mm, very variable banding patterns  F++/GEM            2.00
Cyclophorus involutus Mueller, 1774  Sri Lanka  25-30mm, wholesale offer, 4 specimens with various pattern  F++/GEM            5.00
Bothriembryon jacksoni Iredale, 1939  Australia, WA  17-20mm, striking vertical bands (rare)  F++/GEM            6.00
Xanthomelon jannellei (La Guillou, 1842) Australia, QLD 28-30mm, small, globose, heavy sp with partly open umbilicus F++/GEM          10.00
Sagda jayana Adams, 1848  Caribbean, Jamaica  18-20mm, very inflated species with small aperture  F++            6.00
Eurystyla julii Fischer et al, 1965  Africa, Madagascar  25-28mm, globose tan sp, pink/purple sutural line and lip  F++/GEM          15.00
Sinumelon kalgum Iredale, 1939 Australia, WA 22-24mm, large inflated pale cream species F++/GEM             6.00
Pedinogyra kalpowar Stanisic, 2010 Australia, QLD 70-80mm, S/E QLD, large, purple, flat, massive reflected lip F++/GEM          65.00
Micrarionta kelletti Forbes, 1850  USA, California  25-30mm, very inflated species with brown perio  F++/GEM             4.00
Bothriembryon cf. kendricki Hill et al, 1983 Australia, WA  15-18mm, rare, thin and fragile  F+/F++            6.00
Bothriembryon kingii Gray, 1825  Australia, WA 23-25mm, brown vertical stripes  F++/GEM             4.00
Papuina klaarwateri Rensch, 1931  Admiralty Islands 18-20mm, yellow banded  F++/GEM            4.00
Amphidromus kruijti Sarasin & Sarasin, 1899  Indonesia  45-50mm, mostly cream/white, pale tan upper whorl pattern F++/GEM          10.00
Ampelita lachensis Férussac, 1851  Africa, Madagascar  35-40mm, very depressed shells, pale tan / brown  F++/GEM          10.00
Otala lactea Mueller, 1774  Europe, Spain  30-35mm, low spired, variable, tan/brown, dark brown aperture  F++/GEM            4.00
Limcolaria laikipiaensis Preston, 1913  Africa, Tanzania  25-30mm, vary variable, dark vertical stripes on cream F++/GEM            6.00
Ryssota lamarckiana Lea, 1852  Philippines  70-80mm, very large low spired, tan, with perio  F++            8.00
Ampelita lamarei Pfeiffer, 1853 Africa, Madagascar 38-42mm, f. sakalava, mottled brown, extended lip F++/GEM         15.00
Papuina lambei Pfeiffer, 1856  Papua N. Guinea  20-25mm, New Ireland sp, variable patterns, dark base F++/GEM            8.00
Cochlodina laminata Montagu, 1803  Poland  15-18mm, tall, slender, smooth sp, toothed aperture  F++/GEM            3.00
Anctus laminiferus Ancey, 1888  Brazil  20-23mm, long vertical lines, slender shell, elongate aperture  F++/GEM          12.00
Helicigona lapicida (Linnaeus, 1758)  Europe, France  15-18mm, very flat species with sharp keel  F++/GEM            4.00
Bothriembryon leeuwinensis Smith, 1894  Australia, WA  22-25mm, one of the larger of the genus  F++/GEM            6.00
Quistrachia lefroyi Solem, 1999  Australia, WA 15-18mm, spherical with central band  F++/GEM             4.00
Labyrinthus leprieurii Petit, 1840  Brazil  20-22mm, very low spired, brown, very distorted aperture  F++/GEM          15.00
Tropidophora ligata Mueller, 1774  Africa, Madagascar  20-24mm, variable colour patterns, w/o  F++/GEM            6.00
Chloraea limansauensis Semper, 1877  Philippines  40-45mm, large smooth white species  F++            3.00
Cupedora lincolnensis (Pfeiffer, 1864) Australia, SA 20-30mm, depressedly globose, low spire, banded below suture F++           8.00
Obba listeri Gray, 1825  Philippines  28-30mm, very low, ovoid, mottled brown/tan, distorted aperture  F++/GEM            4.00
Hainesia litturata Morelet, 1877  Africa, Madagascar  30-32mm, tall & slender, extended lip, brown, dark band, w/o  F++/GEM            8.00
Oxychona lonchostoma Menke, 1828  Brazil  20-22mm, angular periphery, tan spiral bands, distorted aperture  F++/GEM            8.00
Pallidelix lonesome Stanisic, 2018 Australia, QLD 30-32mm, ovate sp, amber-green body, white lip F++/GEM  10.00
Achatinella lorata Férussac, 1824 USA, Hawaii  18-20mm, white tall endemic species - single brown band  F++          10.00
Papuina louisiadensis (Forbes, 1852) Papua N. Guinea  22-25mm, very variable, pink / mauve / tan, distorted aperture  F++/GEM            8.00
Naninia luctuosa Sarasin & Sarasin, 1883  Indonesia  35-40mm, f butonensis, round, low spired, tan/brown bands F++/GEM          12.00
Helix lucorum (Linnaeus, 1758)  Europe, Italy  45-55mm, inflated sp, variable brown / tan & cream bands F++/GEM            5.00
Papuina lufensis Thiele, 1928  Papua N. Guinea  18-20mm, low spired with variable spiral bands  F++/GEM            4.00
Succinea luteola Gould, 1848  USA, Florida  12-14mm, form floridana, pale cream, yellow aperture  F++            4.00
Austroborus lutescens King & Broderip, 1832  Uruguay  28-30mm, near ponds, smooth bulbous shells  F++            4.00
Hedleyella maconelli Reeve, 1883  Australia, QLD  60-80mm, very rare, tall inflated brown sp, darker bands  F++          30.00
Papuina macfarlanei Cox, 1873  Solomon Islands  22-25mm, mottled brown & tan, dark band on base  F++            4.00
Amphidromus maculata Pilsbry, 1900  Indonesia 30-32mm, slender yellow species  F++/GEM            5.00
Amphidromus maculiferus (Sowerby, 1838)  Philippines  55-65mm, f multicolor, sinistral, green/yellow striped, thick lip  F++/GEM          15.00
Ampelita madecassina Férussac, 1822  Africa, Madagascar  35-45mm, white, low spired, dramatic dark brown spiral bands F++/GEM  6.00
Xanthomelon magnidicum Iredale, 1938 Australia, QLD 45-50mm, largest sp in genus, globose and heavy F++/GEM          15.00
Helicophanta magnifica Férussac , 1821  Africa, Madagascar  70-80mm, super inflated dark brown sp, pale yellow bands  F++/GEM            8.00
Chondropometes magnum Toore & Bartsch, 1938  Cuba  20-22mm, delicate, flared lip sp, always eroded spire  F++          25.00
Chlorites majuscula Pfeiffer, 1856  Rabaul  30-35mm, depressed spire, uniform tan shells  F++/GEM            6.00
Archachatina marginata Swainson, 1821  Rwanda, Africa  100-110mm, very large, bulbous, vertical stripes, pink columella  F++          15.00
Pleurodonta marginella (Gmelin, 1791)  Puerto Rico  30-35mm, low, depressed, sharp margin & dark brown bands  F++/GEM            4.00
Helicostyla marinduquensis Hidalgo, 1891  Philippines  60-65mm, very variable - incl. dark striped through to white  F++/GEM            8.00
Pseudochatina martensi D'Ailly, 1896 Cameroon, Africa 60-70mm, spectacular sp, pink/white/brown banding F++/GEM          15.00
Bothriembryon mastersi (Cox, 1867) Australia, SA 15-16mm, globose shells, many axial bands on grey F++           8.00
Euryladra mattea Iredale, 1933  Australia, QLD  28-30mm, white with pale spiral bands  F++/GEM  10.00
Rhyssota maxima Pfeiffer, 1853  Philippines  60-70mm, giant, robust, inflated - orange / tan, banded in brown  F++            6.00
Sphaerospira mazee Brazier, 1878  Australia, QLD  35-40mm, banded, brown lip - very hard to find now  F++/GEM 10.00
Megalacroa melanensis  Clench & Turner, 1944  Manus Island  25-28mm, dark chocolate brown sp, extended aperture lip  F++/GEM            5.00