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Genus Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Coralliophila abbreviata (Lamarck, 1816) USA, Florida  20-25mm, short inflated sp with white aperture, w/o  F++ 6.00
Coralliophila abnormis Smith, 1878 Philippines 18-25mm, pale orange shells with inflated body whorls F++ 5.00
Magilus antiquus (De Montfort, 1810) Indonesia 40-50mm, heavy tube-like sp. buried in coral heads F++/GEM 8.00
Babelomurex armatus (Sowerby, 1912) Japan 20-25mm, inflated, single row of triangular spines on keel F++/GEM 5.00
Coralliophila bulbiformis Conrad, 1837 Philippines  25-30mm, inflated pale lavender sp, frilly body whorl, w/o  F++/GEM  5.00
Coralliophila caribaea Abbott, 1958 USA, Florida  15-25mm, short inflated sp with lavender aperture  F++ 5.00
Coralliophila confusa Kosuge, 1986 Australia, WA  25-30mm, angular species with purple aperture, w/o  F++/GEM  6.00
Coralliophila costularis (Lamarck, 1816) Australia, WA 20-30mm, tall frilly species, purple aperture, with operc  F++ 6.00
Babelomurex cristatus (Kosuge, 1979) Philppines 20-25mm, spectacular sp., forward facing broad spines F++ 6.00
Babelomurex diadema A Adams, 1854 Philippines 20-30mm, variable col. large spines on keel F++/GEM 8.00
Coralliophila erosa (Roeding, 1798) Indonesia 25-30mm, white inflated species F++ 6.00
Mipus eugeniae Bernard, 1853 Taiwan  30-40mm, white with inflated body whorl  F++ 10.00
Babelomurex fearnleyi Emerson & d'Attilio, 1965 Papua New Guinea 30-40mm, elongate, white & finely spinose, pink aperture F++/GEM 8.00
Babelomurex fearnleyi Emerson & d'Attilio, 1965 Papua New Guinea 40-50mm, elongate, white & finely spinose, pink aperture F++/GEM 12.00
Babelomurex fruticosus (Kosuge, 1979) Philippines 20-25mm, tall, very spiny, some with spines on fronds F++ 10.00
Latiaxis gemmatus Shikama, 1966 Philippines  20-25mm, super long spined sp., pink and white   F++/GEM  20.00
Mipus gyratus Hinds, 1844 Taiwan  30-40mm, more angular than M. eugeniae  F++ 10.00
Babelomurex japonicus (Dunker, 1822) Philippines 25-35mm, super shells, coronet of forward facing spines  F++/GEM 8.00
Babelomurex lischkeanus Dunker, 1882 Australia, QLD 30-40mm, deep-trawled, very busy spiny white species F++/GEM 10.00
Babelomurex lischkeanus Dunker, 1882 Australia, QLD 40-50mm, deep-trawled, very busy spiny white species F++/GEM 15.00
Quoyula madreporarum Sowerby, 1834 Indonesia  20-25mm, purple stained aperture, anterior & columella F++  4.00
Latiaxis mawae (Griffin & Pidgeon, 1834) Philippines  40-50mm, broadly flared, dramatic spiral sculpture F++ 8.00
Coralliophila mira Cotton & Godfrey, 1932 Australia, S/W WA   30-40mm, variable species, purple aperture, with operc  F++/GEM  10.00
Babelomurex nakamigawai Kuroda, 1959 Philippines 18-22mm, strong rear facing spines, short anterior canal F++ 8.00
Babelomurex oldroydi Oldroyd, 1929 USA, California 40-50mm, elongate, angular sp with central flange, w/o F++ 15.00
Babelomurex princeps Melvill, 1912 Philippines 25-30mm, white, multiple rows of fine spines below keel F++/GEM 10.00
Coralliophila radula Adams, 1855 Australia, WA  30-40mm, large flared aperture, purple internally, w/o  F++ 6.00
Coralliophila rubrococcinea Melvill & Standen, 1901 Philippines 20-25mm, angular, inflated sp, some orange, pink & white F++/GEM 4.00
Babelomurex spinosus (Hirase, 1908) Philippines 20-30mm, very variable sp, long curving spines F++/GEM 8.00
Babelomurex takahashii Kosuge, 1979 Philippines 20-30mm, tall spired, very spiny orange / red sp. F++/GEM 10.00
Coralliophila violacea (Kiener, 1836) Australia, WA  20-25mm, round, inflated, smooth sp., purple aperture, w/o  F++ 3.00
Coralliophila violacea (Kiener, 1836) Clipperton Island  20-30mm, white, inflated, truncate spire, violet aperture, w/o  F++/GEM  5.00
Babelomurex yumimarumai Kosuge, 1985 Philippines 20-30mm, rare sp, fine spines predominantly on keel F++/GEM 15.00



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