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Genus Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Acanthocardia aculeata (Linnaeus, 1758) Spain 60-80mm, very spiny species F++   5.00
Trachycardium angulatum (Lamarck, 1819) Australia, WA 65-80mm, some with pink/orange  F++/GEM    6.00
Fulvia aperta (Bruguiere, 1789) Australia, WA 30-35mm, with some purple  F+/F++    5.00
Acrosterigma arenicola (Reeve, 1845) Japan  25-30mm, typical for this species  F++    6.00
Papyridea aspersa (Sowerby, 1833) Panama 35-40mm, elongate sp, strong posterior sculpture F++/GEM  6.00
Acrosterigma assimile (Reeve, 1844) India  30-35mm, form assimile, nice colourful shells F++/GEM    5.00
Vasticardium cf. assimile No Author India  35-45mm, very unusual northern Indian Ocean form F++/GEM  12.00
Laevicardium attenuatum Sowerby, 1840 Indonesia  40-50mm, some with pink F++/GEM    8.00
Lyrocardium aurantiacum (Adams & Reeve, 1850) Indonesia  30-35mm, delicate & orange F++    6.00
Fulvia australis Sowerby, 1843 Indonesia  25-30mm, solid and variable colours  F++/GEM    6.00
Nemocardium bechei (Reeve, 1840) Philippines 50-60mm, pink and striking  F++/GEM    12.00
Trachycardium belcheri Broderip & Sowerby,1829 Panama  35-40mm, heavily sculptured species, yellow and pink  F++/GEM    12.00
Trigoniocardia biangulata Broderip & Sowerby,1829 Mexico  25-30mm, very angular, heavy with dark pink interior  F++/GEM    4.00
Laevicardium biradiatum (Bruguiere, 1789) Indonesia  30-40mm, variable colours with red or pink dashes  F++/GEM    6.00
Fulvia boholensis Vidal, 1994 Indonesia  25-28mm, bright orange  F++    4.00
Vasticardium burchardi (Dunker, 1877) Japan  55-70mm, low profile, fine radial sculpture F++/GEM  10.00
Vepricardium burnupi (E A Smith, 1899) South Africa  35mm, nice sculpture  F++    8.00
Corculum cardissa (Linnaeus, 1758) Indonesia  40-50mm, heart shaped, variable white/yellow/pink spots F++/GEM    3.00
Corculum cardissa (Linnaeus, 1758) Indonesia  40-50mm, wholesale offer - set of 4 different colours  F++/GEM    8.00
Laevicardium clarionense (Hertlein & Strong,1947) Panama   20-25mm, smooth colourful species  F++/GEM  8.00
Monodacna colorata   Eichwald, 1841 Europe  25-35mm, thin delicate species  F++    8.00
Trachycardium consors  Sowerby, 1833 Mexico  70-80mm, Baja CA, very inflated & spiny super sp F++/GEM  12.00
Vasticardium coralense (Vidal, 1993) New Caledonia 30-40mm, local species with fine unadorned ribs F++/GEM 10.00
Vepricardium coronatum (Schroeter, 1786) India 30-40mm, very coarse interlocking marginal teeth F++/GEM 8.00
Vepricardium coronatum (Schroeter, 1786) India 35-40mm, super shells, exaggerated marginal teeth F++/GEM 8.00
Laevicardium crassum (Gmelin, 1791) Europe, North Sea 50-60mm, typical for species - was called norwegicum  F++/GEM    4.00
Acrosterigma cygnorum (Deshayes, 1855) Australia, SA  45-50mm, fine sculpture, some yellow  F++/GEM 5.00
Acrosterigma dupuchense (Reeve, 1845) Australia, WA 40-50mm, very heavy sculpture  F++/GEM    4.00
Acanthocardia echinatum (Linnaeus, 1758) Europe, Italy  50-55mm, typical for species F++    4.00
Cerastoderma edule (Linnaeus, 1758) Europe, Denmark  30-35mm, commercially caught species  F++    3.00
Trachycardium egmontianum Shuttleworth, 1856 USA, Florida  30-40mm, spiny sculpture  F++/GEM    4.00
Trachycardium egmontianum Shuttleworth, 1856 USA, Florida  45mm, albino sp F++/GEM  10.00
Laevicardium elenense (Sowerby II, 1840) Costa Rica  15-20mm, dark tan and smooth  F++/GEM    4.00
Laevicardium elatum (Sowerby, 1833) Mexico  under 100mm, large & yellow  F++    6.00
Laevicardium elatum (Sowerby, 1833) Mexico  over 100mm, large & yellow  F++    10.00
Acrosterigma elongata (Bruguiere, 1789) Philippines  35-40mm, form elongata, typical  F++/GEM    4.00
Acrosterigma elongata (Bruguiere, 1789) Indonesia  60-70mm, form elongata, dark and colourful  F++/GEM    6.00
Frigidocardium eos (Kuroda, 1929) Indonesia 20-25mm, inflated, white, orange margins, fine spines F++/GEM 8.00
Fragum erugatum Tate, 1889 Australia, WA 10-12mm, small & heavy  F++/GEM    4.00
Frigidocardium cf. exasperatum (Sowerby II, 1834) East China Sea 20-25mm, white inflated species, intricate sculpture F++/GEM  10.00
Acrosterigma flava (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, QLD 30-40mm, nice sculpture  F++/GEM    4.00
Acrosterigma flava (Linnaeus, 1758) Indonesia  30-35mm, form subrugosa, yellow tinged  F++/GEM     5.00
Acrosterigma flava (Linnaeus, 1758) Indonesia  40-50mm, form flava, heavy & colourful  F++    6.00
Ctenocardia fornicata (Sowerby II, 1840) Thailand 18-22mm, angular sp, pale purple highlights F++/GEM 8.00
Fragum fragum (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, QLD  25-30mm, fine sculpture  F++    3.00
Fragum fragum (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, WA 25-30mm, coarser sculpture  F++    3.00
Clinocardium fucanum (Dall, 1907) USA  35-40mm, typical for species  F++    10.00
Vasticardium fultoni (Sowerby, 1916) Australia, WA 20-30mm, delicate with pink speckles  F++/GEM    6.00
Nemocardium fulvum Ter Poorten, 2013 India 55-65mm, super deep orange / red sp, orange interior F++/GEM  20.00
Cerastoderma glaucum (Poiret, 1789) Europe, Italy  15-20mm, small heavily sculptured species  F++/GEM    2.00
Trigoniocardia granifera Broderip & Sowerby,1829 Mexico, West Coast 8-10mm, heavy ribbed species  F++/GEM    4.00
Trigoniocardia granifera Broderip & Sowerby,1829 Mexico  14mm, nice sculpture  F++  sold out
Serripes groenlandicus (Gmelin, 1791) USA, Alaska  39mm, smooth and white  F++  sold out
Fragum hemicardium (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, WA 40-45mm, with variable sculpture  F++/GEM    4.00
Papyridea hiulca (Reeve, 1845) Ecuador 55-60mm, elongate, pale orange sp F++/GEM  15.00
Acrosterigma hobbsae Vidal, 1999 Indonesia  30-35mm, much broader than punctolineata  F++/GEM  20.00
Acrosterigma hobbsae Vidal, 1999 Solomon Islands  30-35mm, rare from here, broader than punctolineata  F++/GEM    20.00
Acrosterigma impolita (Sowerby, 1833) Australia, WA 25-30mm, angular umbo  F++    6.00
Vepricardium incarnatum (Reeve, 1844) Philippines  50-60mm, heavily ribbed, spiny, cream, pink margins F++    6.00
Vasticardium indioceanum Vidal, 1993 India 40-50mm, mostly orange, heavy angular species F++/GEM   7.00
Vasticardium indioceanum Vidal, 1993 India 50-60mm, mostly orange, heavy angular species F++/GEM 10.00
Vasticardium indioceanum Vidal, 1993 India 50-70mm, colourful orange/yellow sp, fine sculpture  F++/GEM 10.00
Trachycardium isocardia (Linnaeus, 1758) Mexico, East Coast 60-80mm, super shells, dramatic spines F++/GEM  15.00
Trachycardium isocardia (Linnaeus, 1758) Mexico, East Coast 40-60mm, super shells, dramatic spines F++/GEM  8.00
Vasticardium cf. lacunosum (Reeve, 1845) India 40-50mm, robust, inflated sp, mauve on orange pattern F++/GEM  8.00
Fulvia laevigata (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, WA 30-40mm, fragile, pale pink, cream or white F++/GEM 5.00
Laevicardium laevigatum (Linnaeus, 1758) USA, Florida  40-50mm, white and inflated  F++    6.00
Laevicardium lobulatum (Deshayes, 1855) Papua New Guinea 18-20mm, shiny sp from Madang, purple umbo F++/GEM 3.00
Acrosterigma luteomarginata Voskuil & Onverwagt,1991 Thailand 40-50mm, form insulare, local form  F++    12.00
Lyrocardium lyratum Sowerby, 1840 Indonesia  40-45mm, typical for species F++/GEM    6.00
Acrosterigma maculosum (Wood, 1815) Indonesia  20-25mm, dark pink/red shells  F++    12.00
Acrosterigma magna (Linnaeus, 1758) Bahamas  35-38mm, orange shells  F++  8.00
Trachycardium manoeli Prado, 1993 Brazil   40-50mm, low spined and colourful species F++/GEM     15.00
Ctenocardia mansitii Otura, 1937 Taiwan  65-75mm, fine ribbed species, some intact perio F++/GEM  15.00
Cardium maxicostatum Ter Poorten, 2007 Africa, West Coast 90-110mm, spectacular, massive radial ribs F++ 20.00
Ctenocardia media (Linnaeus, 1758) Brazil, North Coast  30-40mm, very angular species, variable colours  F++    4.00
Vasticardium mindanense (Reeve, 1844) Malaysia, Sabah  30-40mm, inflated sp, dark accented posterior margin  F++/GEM    6.00
Laevicardium mortoni Conrad, 1830 USA, Florida 18-22mm, smooth inflated species  F++/GEM  3.00
Vepricardium multispinosum Sowerby, 1838 Australia, QLD  50-55mm, large QLD form  F++    10.00
Vepricardium multispinosum Sowerby, 1838  Taiwan  40-50mm, spiny sp F++/GEM     4.00
Vepricardium multispinosum Sowerby, 1838 Australia, WA 30-35mm, with some pink  F++    6.00
Dallocardia muricatum (Linnaeus, 1758) USA, Florida  40-60mm, colourful, brown flecks on orange/green  F++/GEM    4.00
Laevicardium norvegicum (Spengler, 1795) Europe, UK 50-60mm, smooth brown Scot sp, v fine sculpture F++/GEM  5.00
Clinocardium nuttallii (Conrad, 1837) Canada 50-70mm, strongly ribbed species F++/GEM  8.00
Laevicardium oblongum (Gmelin, 1791) Europe, Spain  70-80mm, typical for species F++/GEM  sold out
Trigoniocardia obovalis (Sowerby, 1833) West Mexico  15-20mm, elongate species with heavy ribs  F++    3.00
Acrosterigma orbita Broderip & Sowerby,1833 Indonesia  70-80mm, form philippinense, heavy & spectacular  F++/GEM    8.00
Acrosterigma orbita Broderip & Sowerby,1833 Marquesas Islands 35-45mm, form mendanense, interesting local form  F++/GEM    12.00
Acrosterigma orbita Broderip & Sowerby,1833 USA, Hawaii 40-60mm, f. hawaiiensis, narrow heavy sp from Oahu F++    10.00
Acrosterigma orbita Broderip & Sowerby,1833 Niue Island  45-50mm, form orbita, rare location for species F+/F++    12.00
Acrosterigma oxygonum Sowerby, 1841 India  25-30mm, small robust sp. predominately red/orange  F++/GEM    4.00
Trachycardium panamense (Sowerby, 1833) Mexico, West Coast  40-60mm, heavy ribbed shells with purple tints  F++/GEM    6.00
Trachycardium panamense (Sowerby, 1833) Mexico, West Coast  60-80mm, very large and spectacular shells  F++/GEM    10.00
Plagiocardium papillosum (Poli, 1795) Africa, Senegal  6-8mm, pale pink bands on white  F++/GEM    4.00
Vasticardium papuanum Vidal, 1996 Malyasia  40-60mm, large ovate species yellow internally  F++/GEM    10.00
Fulvia papyracea (Gmelin, 1791) Australia, WA 25-30mm, pale and fragile species F++/GEM    5.00
Acrosterigma pectiniforme (Born, 1780) Indonesia  25-30mm, white and heavily ribbed species F++/GEM    6.00
Acrosterigma pectiniforme (Born, 1780) Indonesia  20-25mm, white and heavily ribbed sp F++/GEM    4.00
Trachycardium pristipleura (Dall, 1901) Panama  45-50mm, heavy elongate shells F++/GEM    8.00
Laevicardium pristis (Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1827) USA, Florida 40-50mm, large, inflated smooth sp F++/GEM  10.00
Nemocardium probatum (Iredale, 1927) Australia, QLD 40-50mm, rare from here  F++/GEM    12.00
Mexicardium procerum (Sowerby in Broderip) Mexico, West Coast  50-70mm, narrower than T. panamense, smooth ribs F++/GEM    8.00
Plagiocardium pseudolatum Voskuil & Onverwagt,1991 Australia, QLD  30-35mm, with pale pink extremity  F++    12.00
Nemocardium pulchellum (Gray 1843) New Zealand  25-30mm, fragile species F++    6.00
Acrosterigma punctolineata Healy & Lamprell, 1992 Indonesia  20-30mm, typical for this species   F++/GEM    6.00
Acrosterigma punctolineata Healy & Lamprell, 1992 Solomon Islands  20-30mm, smaller than Indian Ocean form   F++/GEM    6.00
Cardium quadragenarium Conrad, 1837 Mexico, Pacific  40-50mm, yellow-orange sp, red on anterior margin  F++/GEM  5.00
Cardium quadragenarium Conrad, 1837 Mexico, Pacific  70-100mm, large and heavily frilled shells  F++/GEM   20.00
Fragum retusum (Linnaeus, 1767) Australia, WA 35-40mm, smooth & shiny sp, sunken lunule F++/GEM    3.00
Fragum retusum (Linnaeus, 1767) Australia, QLD 30-33mm, typical, some sculpure, sunken lunule   F++/GEM    3.00
Ringicardium ringens Bruguiere, 1789 Africa, Senegal  25-30mm, spectacular sp, interlocking teeth  F++/GEM    8.00
Dinocardium robustum (Lightfoot, 1786) USA, Texas  under 100mm, large but typical for species F++    5.00
Dinocardium robustum (Lightfoot, 1786) USA, Texas  over 100mm, giant shells for spoecies F++    10.00
Acrosterigma rubicundum (Reeve, 1845) Indonesia  25-30mm, f kengaluorum, small & circular sp F++/GEM    6.00
Cardium samarangae Makiyana, 1934 Japan   20-25mm, pale cream with very fine sculpture  F++/GEM    20.00
Fragum scruposum (Deshayes, 1855) Australia, QLD   12-15mm, nicely angular shells F++/GEM  4.00
Trachycardium senticosum (Sowerby, 1833) Panama  25-30mm, finely spined species  F++   5.00
Laevicardium serratum (Linnaeus, 1758) Mexico, Gulf  30-35mm, smooth white to orange inflated species  F++/GEM    5.00
Plagiocardium setosum Redfield, 1848 Australia, WA 50-55mm, orange/yellow species F++/GEM    4.00
Acrosterigma simplex (Spengler, 1799) Indonesia  25-30mm, inflated, some dark brown/purple interior  F++/GEM    4.00
Acanthocardia spinosa (Lightfoot, 1786) Portugal  60-70mm, spiny and inflated species F+/F++   sold out
Laevicardium substriatum Conrad, 1837 USA, San Diego 10-12mm, smooth sp F++  6.00
Fulvia tenuicostata (Lamarck, 1819) Australia, SA  40-50mm, smooth & purple umbo  F++/GEM    4.00
Vasticardium terpoorteni Hylleberg, 2015 India 50-60mm, heavily ribbed orange species F++/GEM  12.00
Nemocardium thetidis Hedley, 1902 Australia, SA  10-12mm, very rare species F++/GEM    10.00
Nemocardium thetidis Hedley, 1902 Australia, QLD  10-12mm, super canary yellow form, exceptionally rare  F++/GEM    15.00
Acrosterigma transcendens Melvill & Standen, 1898 Indonesia  20-25mm, typical for species  F++    10.00
Acanthocardia tuberculatum (Linnaeus, 1758) Europe, Greece  40-60mm, with heavy sculpture  F+/F++    4.00
Acanthocardia tuberculatum (Linnaeus, 1758) Europe, Spain  40-45mm, albino specimens F++    8.00
Fragum unedo (Linnaeus, 1758) Australia, WA  50-52mm, typical, some pink speckles  F++/GEM    4.00
Acrosterigma variegata Sowerby, 1841 Indonesia  30-40mm, nice shells, variable red & orange variations  F++  8.00
Acrosterigma vertebrata (Jonas, 1844) Australia, WA  40-50mm, was called reeveanum  F++/GEM    4.00
Freneixicardia victor (Angas, 1872) Australia, QLD  25-30mm, pink tinged specimens F++ 15.00
Acrosterigma wilsoni (Voskuil & Onverwagt,1991) Australia, WA 70-80mm, large & typical for species F++    12.00



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